SAA Publications and American Archivist Peer Review Forum

If you’ve ever wanted to contribute to the behind-the-scenes publication of an SAA book or American Archivist article as a peer reviewer, attend the Peer Review Forum on May 19 at 12:00 p.m. CT!

This free, virtual forum, led by SAA Publications Editor Stacie Williams and American Archivist Editor Amy Cooper Cary, will discuss the critical nature and important elements of a peer review, provide an overview of SAA’s peer review process for book proposals, manuscripts, and journal articles, share how you can become an SAA peer reviewer, and share what authors can expect from the peer review process. A Q&A time will follow.


Whether you’re an author, a new or veteran peer reviewer, or just curious, RSVP to the discussion now.

Sponsored by the SAA Publications Board and American Archivist Editorial Board.