SAA Education Seeks OAIS Course Developers

SAA Education seeks a developer to create a course based on the OAIS model to contribute to the DAS curriculum. The OAIS model is foundational to understanding digital archives work and is currently covered in some way in many, if not most, of the courses in the DAS curriculum. This course is intended to ensure a baseline level of competence in this conceptual model and act as a gateway for the rest of the program. At the same time, creating this course as a prerequisite to the program is intended to allow other instructors to devote less time to this topic and maximize course time spent on content specific to that course. 

Learning Objectives

  • Define OAIS reference model at a high level:
    • History/background,
    • Understand that it is a model not a prescriptive practice;
  • Describe the basic structure of the OAIS model, including the functional entities and other significant concepts; 
  • Understand the "intended audiences" of each information package and other external entities that interact with the model;
  • Outline an OAIS workflow;
  • Understand the model's significance and application to all phases of work with digital materials;
  • Conceptualize and critically reflect on the model: identify drawbacks and limitations, compare with alternative models, etc.

Preferred Format

  • On-Demand Webinar: specifically created for this purpose (not a past course recording).

Expected Deliverables (from course developer)

  • Pre-readings;
  • Instructor slide deck (may contain comments/notes);
  • Student slide deck in PDF format (without instructo comments/notes);
  • Course exam:
    • 20 questions;
    • Answer key;
  • Citations from readings for each question/answer;
  • Includsion of DEIA concepts in slide deck, presentation, and readings.

Intended Audience

  • All individuals interested in pursuing the DAS certificate or taking other DAS courses.

Course developers will be compensated. Contact Rana Salzmann, SAA Director of Education, at for more information.