CORDA’s New Facts+Figures Microsite Shares Data and Resources with Archivists

The Society of American Archivists’ (SAA) Committee on Research, Data, and Assessment (CORDA) is excited to launch the revitalized Facts+Figures (F+F) microsite. F+F is designed to provide users with quick and simple access to information resources important to archivists and their constituencies. The resources on the site are all derived from data—data compiled or created by archivists as a result of their research, data about archivists and archives from external agencies, and tools to enhance archival practice resulting from research data.

F+F is divided into three content channels:

  • The SAA Dataverse supports the deposit and reuse of datasets for purposes of fostering knowledge, insights, and a deeper understanding of archives and archivists. The web page contains a search bar for users to search within the Dataverse, submission procedures, and the collection development policy approved by SAA Council.
  • The Evaluation & Assessment channel includes at-a-glance dashboards, charts, graphs, reports, fact sheets and quick guides that support advocacy, explain archives and archivists to external entities, and provide insight into the functions of archivists and their repositories.
  • The Tools & Resources channel may include software recommendations to perform archival tasks, how-to instructions and guidelines, checklists, best-practice guides, and self-assessment tools to employ data in support of advocacy efforts and in assessing archival impact.

Currently, F+F contains only a portion of the resources suggested above—just enough to launch the microsite. CORDA will continue adding resources as they are created or as CORDA members learn of them. Some resources will be created through CORDA’s activities, but the majority will come from the efforts of SAA members and the greater archival community.

The new F+F microsite, actively curated by CORDA, is a dynamic resource that will be augmented with new content on a continuing basis. All archivists can turn to F+F for quick information to aid them in advocacy efforts, help them measure performance among peers, and adopt or adapt tools to make their work easier and adhere to best practices.

Please give the Facts+Figures microsite a test drive, share your feedback, and suggest new content to be included at