Call for Member Comments: Proposed Amendments to SAA Constitution and Bylaws

December 22, 2022—The SAA Council seeks member feedback on proposed amendments to the SAA Constitution and Bylaws.

Upon review and analysis of the SAA Constitution and Bylaws, Council is proposing the two documents be combined into one document.  This format eliminates the need to change two documents where there’s overlap, and one document offers simplicity versus referencing two different documents.  The proposed document represents current best practices for association management as well as current practices within SAA. The changes outlined below are reflective of the Council’s fiduciary responsibilities, the member experience, and current governance practices.  Read more about high-level changes along with rationale.

Proposed Revisions to SAA Constitution and Bylaws



Current Versions (for reference)
SAA Constitution | SAA Bylaws

Comment on the draft amendments by Friday, January 13:

These proposed revisions will be put forward in an all-member referendum in conjunction with the spring 2023 SAA election ballot. All full individual membersstudent members, and primary contacts of institutional members who are in good standing on March 1, 2023, will be eligible to vote in the election and referendum.

Questions? Contact the SAA President at or staff at

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