Spring/Summer 2021 Issue of American Archivist Is Online

In this first digital-only issue of American Archivist 84.1, Kimberly Anderson and Jessica Maddox present a case study on how the University of Nevada, Reno, adopted the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials; Donald Force and Randy Smith consider the relationship among digital surrogates, their physical counterparts, and their metadata; and Patricia Galloway examines issues of access to mental health archives—and more. In addition, contributors review ten archival books both old and new and Meredith Evans shares her 2020 SAA presidential address.

This issue's cover features producer and performance artist Elizabeth Wurst—of the experimental beatbox project loopmami—who performs from her home in Lima, Peru, in March, 2020, during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Wurst is one of the producers featured in the Bit Rosie digital media archives at the New York University Fales Library. Adele Fournet offers the Bit Rosie archives as a case study in transforming web-based multimedia research initiatives into digital institutional archives. Photo by Adele Fournet, courtesy of Bit Rosie media.

American Archivist 84.1 (Spring/Summer 2021)
Table of Contents

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From the Editor

Presidential Address

Theodore Calvin Pease Award (forthcoming!)

  • “Nothing About Us Without Us”: Documenting Disability History in Western Pennsylvania
    Bridget Malley



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