Council Approves New Process for Roundtable AV at Annual Meeting

In response to a growing demand for audiovisual support at roundtable meetings, the SAA Council has determined that, beginning in 2012, SAA roundtables must submit a formal request for audiovisual support.


The Finance Committee will review all applications—along with roundtables’ histories of meeting attendance and fulfillment of basic reporting requirements—and will propose an amount for funding to be incorporated into the draft budget reviewed by the SAA Council in May.


Once the Council approves a budget (that may or may not incorporate all funds requested), the Treasurer will notify roundtables regarding whether they will receive AV support at the 2012 Annual Meeting. Per the SAA Governance Manual (Section X: Roundtables, VII. B.), audiovisual funding for Roundtables is not guaranteed; funded amounts may vary by year. View instructions and the form here.