How Do You Document “Tweets”?

The Interactive Archivist: Second Call for Case Studies

The editors of The Interactive Archivist: Case Studies in Utilizing Web 2.0 to Improve the Archival Experience are seeking additional case studies. They are particularly interested in case studies documenting the use of Twitter and virtual environments (Second Life, etc.) by archival repositories. They also welcome additional case studies in areas such as blogging, social networking, tagging and folksonomies, mashups, RSS, wikis, photo sharing services, video sharing services, and podcasts.

Proposals for new case studies should describe which Web 2.0 technology their institution is using, how it is being used, how they have assessed (or plan to assess) its effectiveness, and how using the Web 2.0 technology could benefit other archivists. Proposals should be no longer than 500 words.

Please send proposals to both editors: J. Gordon Daines, III ( and Cory L. Nimer (