SAA Interim Executive Co-Directors Appointed

New leaders have been appointed to shepherd the SAA until the appointment of a new executive director. Carroll Dendler and Debbie Nolan have agreed to share responsibilities as Interim Executive Co-Directors.

Vice-President Tim Ericson conferred with the SAA staff about the guidance and leadership they would need after Susan Fox's departure. Fortunately, the SAA staff is very self-sufficient and can carry on most of their responsibilities without a lot of input. However, there are a few areas where the absence of an Executive Director will be keenly felt, and that is where Deb and Carroll will step in. Their responsibilities are allocated as follows:

Debbie: Route incoming e-mail, mail requiring special attention, requests, complaints and other questions to the proper person; provide Council meeting support including the preparation of the agenda, copying, mailing and follow up.

Carroll: Act as the in-house manager with authority to make decisions regarding the day-to-day matters that arise; keep staff focused, facilitate communication, call staff meetings, and keep staff informed.

I am confident that Debbie and Carroll can step seamlessly into these roles. Indeed, the SAA staff was concerned that any Interim Executive Director not already familiar with SAA would require training and orientation, take up SAA staff time, and slow processes. This arrangement effectively addresses those concerns.

The SAA Council's Executive Committee has begun work on a plan for selection and appointment of a new Executive Director.  Vice President Tim Ericson will direct the search for the Society. More information on the search process will be forthcoming shortly.

Peter Hirtle