SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2020/04/13

SNAP Steering Committee 2019-2020
Meeting #8: Tuesday, 04/13/2020
Time: 5 PM PT / 7 PM CT/ 8 PM ET

  1. Chair
    1. SNAP endorsement of salary transparency letter to Council
      1. Tweet with link to Google Doc with letter:
      2. Retweet and share!
    2. Section elections -
      1. Plan is to have call for candidates ready no later than May 1; candidate info to Felicia due June 1
        1. Last year’s form:
          1. Plan is to just update for this year - if you have any updates/suggestions, let Gayle know ASAP!
          2. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, 3 steering at-large members, secretary
          3. If you know someone who might be interested, reach out to them and encourage them!
      2. Will notify blog, web liaison, social media teams when form is available; please share widely! Nominate yourself!
        1. Seriously, share widely!
    3. Annual Meeting planning - no updates yet
      1. Nothing from Business Section yet, plan to reach out to soon, but depends on below
      2. Assuming AM doesn’t get cancelled because of COVID, may want to start some planning around SNAP care team, button-making?
        1. Could we use some of our funds to make buttons if people don’t have access to button makers again?
      3. Hopefully decision made soon so we can plan accordingly
    4. Co-sponsor bylaws reading group?
      1. From Jess Farrell - group of individuals to read through SAA bylaws together and then meet to discuss; plan to start promoting this Thursday - sort of a follow-up of our AMA with the Nominating Committee
        1. Zoom meetings (dates below) to help demystify how SAA works and get a better sense of how things work
      2. Vote: yes, we will co-sponsor; spread info about it through social media and listserv announcements
      3. Dates of events:
        1. 7pm EST on Tuesday, April 28th - Constitution Discussion
        2. 12-1pm EST on Thursday, May 14th - Bylaws Discussion
  2. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect
    1. No updates
  3. Blog Team
    1. Elizabeth sent out resource to listserv about how different institutions are starting to collect/consider collecting about COVID
  4. Social Media
    1. #snaprt Twitter chat this Wednesday, 4/15 on Self Care During COVID-19
    2. #snaprt Twitter chat in two weeks, 4/29 in conjunction with the SAA Records Management Group to honor National Records Management Month. We will discuss how RM is affected by the pandemic.
    3. Possible chat next month discussing Certified Archivists
      1. Google Doc created, noted that ACA is working on a contingency plan for if still need to be social distancing
  5. Student Chapter Coordinator
    1. Nothing at the moment, everyone concerned about shift to e-learning/working from home
    2. See if we can connect with students to write for blog about their experience? Also, remind them we’re here for them!
  6. Web Liaison
    1. Update on New Member guide
      1. Are there any questions that we have received via SNAP’s Twitter chats, that we could address in the new member overview website? Anything related to resources for members or confusion about the organization of the association?
      2. Do we want to consider possibly co-leading a Twitter chat with Membership or Key Contacts Committee for questions about membership?
  7. Additional updates?
    1. Salary negotiation webinar by ASERL is still happening this Thursday, April 16th!
      1. Not Just a Number: Negotiating Salary in Academic Archives and Special Collections April 16, 2020 at 2pm ET / 1pm Central Time
      2. Although this is geared for new grads, the presenters are going to focus on salary negotiations skills that will benefit all employees.
      3. REGISTER:
      4. Could be useful for our annual meeting!
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