2016 Annual Meeting Agenda

Science, Technology and Health Care Roundtable
Hilton Atlanta, Grand Ballroom West

5 August 2016, 7:30-9:00 am

1)    Welcome by roundtable co-chairs
2)    SAA Council representative’s report
3)    Approval of 2015 Roundtable meeting minutes
4)    Remembrance of Joan Echtenkamp Klein
5)    Archival Elements (STHC newsletter) report
6)    STHC website report
7)    STHC listserv report
8)    Steering Committee/Leadership changes
•    Election results/new co-chair
•    Web liaison
•    At-Large members
9)    Old Business
•    HIPAA resource page
•    MHL/AAHM initiative
•    Affinity groups
10)    New Business
11)    Program/session ideas for 2017

12)    STHC Roundtable Program
Mary Hilpertshauser, the Historic Collections Manager of the David J. Sencer CDC Museum at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will present a general overview of the museum, its collections (including the Global Health Chronicle), and its educational programming (teacher workshops, the Atlanta Science Festival, The Disease Detective Camp for high school students).

13)    Adjournment