Society of American Archivists Foundation Grant Funding Policy

Each year the SAA Foundation may make available for awarding of competitive grants a portion of its income from interest and dividends from, investment gains from, and contributions to its unrestricted funds. Income from restricted funds is not available for distribution as part of the Foundation’s grants program.

The SAA Foundation Board of Directors will determine annually the percentage of income, or payout rate, to be distributed. The annual payout rate will be clearly stated for the benefit of Board members and donors.

Given the importance of maintaining an appropriate balance between growing the Foundation’s principal and sponsoring a robust grants program, the Board may choose to designate the use of funds from principal to meet extraordinary requests or circumstances and/or to accrue the available funding in one fiscal year to be made available to applicants in a succeeding grant period.

To apply for an SAA Foundation Grant, please see the Application Process and Guidelines

Adopted by the SAA Foundation Board of Directors, March 14, 2015. Revised: July 2017.