2006-2007 Annual Report

2006-2007 Annual Report


Chair (2007-2008) - Susan McElrath, University Archives and Special Collections
Vice Chair/Chair Elect (2007-2008) - Deborah Richards, Smith College Archives
Steering Committee:

  • Peter Blodgett (2006-2008) - The Huntington Library
  • Connell Gallagher (2006-2008) - University of Vermont
  • Mary Caldera (2007-2009) - Yale University Library
  • Linda Long (2007-2009) - University of Oregon

Immediate Past Chair (2007-2008) - Jackie Dean - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Web Liaison - Heather Dean, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Report from annual meeting:

Number of attendees: 35
Election results:
      Vice Chair/Chair Elect (2007-2008) - Deborah Richards
      Steering Committee (2007-2009) - Mary Caldera, Linda Long
Summary of meeting activities:
Privacy & Confidentiality issues in the news
Brainstorming potential session topics for 2008
Program – Privacy Issues and Oral History in the Digital Age

Completed projects/activities

P&C endorsed two session proposals that were accepted:
#308 – International Perspectives on Privacy Protection
#602 – More Product, Less Privacy? Applying Minimal Processing with an Awareness of Sensitive, Confidential, or Restricted Collection Materials

Ongoing projects/activities
P&C in the News
Updating our online bibliography about privacy and confidentiality

New projects/activities
P&C is establishing a listserv.
P&C is considering developing a blog.
Both of these initiatives will enhance our communications with our members and with interested members of the profession.

Diversity initiatives
Working with other Roundtables on proposals for 2008 annual meeting.

Questions/concerns for Council attention