Call for Presenters: SAA Preservation Section Virtual Meeting @ Archives*Records 2021

The session's theme is: 

If the past year has taught us anything, it's the necessity of adapting to change. From sudden shut downs to unplanned remote working, these changes have required many archivists to reevaluate the preservation work they do and how they carry out that work. What have you or your institution done to adapt during a time of change that may be incorporated into your future programming, policies, or services? While we welcome lessons learned from 2020, submissions about earlier projects that fit the criteria are also encouraged.

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  1. How do you protect the collections when you are not on-site? What tricks and techniques have you developed to handle this problem? Do you have any insight on how institutions can prepare for sudden changes such as shut-downs as in the case of natural disasters or a pandemic?
  2. Are there any secrets you've discovered about working from home as someone whose job it is to preserve/conserve the collection?
  3. Have you had any success with preserving "moments in time" such as protest or social movements? Do you have suggestions for how archives can continue to preserve materials from events like these?


We are open to both lightning round, panel, and single speaker presentations. Please apply by February 19th by sending a 100-200 word abstract of your proposal to  We look forward to hearing your ideas