I&A Steering Committee - 11.30.20

Present: Caitlin, Joanna, Laura, Genna, Bradley, Sheridan, Holly

Not Present: 

Notetaker: Holly


  1. Check-Ins

  1. Housekeeping / General Announcements

    1. Personal check-ins

    2. Past Business - Special Projects/Goals for the Year

      1. Big Project: How to get members’ voices amplified in SAA

      2. Zoom meeting/workshop/blog posts/microsite (in a few months - maybe 4 months?)

      3. Tools for younger/newer archivists to navigate SAA’s rules

      4. Blog posts who have organized outside of SAA’s structure (L’ael with Project STAND, Ricky Punzalan with the Native American protocols)

  2. Projects updates

    1. Outreach

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter): Genna

  • I&A Liaison: Holly

  • I&A Monthly Recap:  Caitlin

  • Blog: Joanna/Holly

  1. Blog Series 

  • Steering Shares: 

  • Archivists on the Issues: Reach out to Angela Stanley about writing on state archives’ funding, why are so many scraping by and why are they important?


  1. Recap of I&A Joint Call 

Link to the call’s minutes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CurYzO_o1HIHfAanVgRtY86dz1kjtjoZrFsd2vHvS2g/edit?usp=sharing

  1. Past Business (Again - oops!)

  1. Union Organizing from last year


  • Did we want to continue this project? Yes.