2015 Roundtable Election Call for Candidates

We are soliciting volunteers to stand for election to roundtable leadership.  We need candidates for Vice Chair and at least four candidates for steering committee.


A. Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of between six and eight members willing to serve, including the officers (a Chair and a Vice-Chair).  

The Steering Committee directs and coordinates the activities of the Roundtable and approves appointments made by the Chair and the Vice-Chair if vacancies occur. Committee members establish projects to work on through the year, help to plan the annual business meeting, and endorse SAA program sessions presented to the Roundtable. A member of the Steering Committee shall serve as secretary at the annual Roundtable meeting and take minutes.

B. Officers

The Chair and the Vice-Chair serve as joint officers of the Roundtable. Only individual members of SAA and the Issues and Advocacy Roundtable may hold these positions.  

The Chair and the Vice-Chair direct and report the activities of the Roundtable, organize and conduct the annual meeting of the Roundtable, chair the Steering Committee, act as liaisons for the Roundtable to other bodies, appoint Roundtable committees as needed, and handle administrative matters, including, but not limited to, annual reports to the SAA.


You can read the rest of the bylaws here.

If you are interested in running, please email Chair Sarah Quigley (squigle@emory.edu) a one paragraph statement of interest by May 31.