Write about a conference session for the HRA Blog!

As many of your know, I'm the editor of the Human Rights Archives Section Blog. I'm currently looking for writers to cover conference presentations relevant to human rights. A big thank you to the writers who have already come forward!

If you happen to be attending one of the following conferences and would be interested in summarizing a session, please drop me an email at hilary.h.barlow@gmail.com. As an example, I covered a session at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference last year for the Issues & Advocacy blog. It can be a simple summary of the issues discussed, or you can get a little opinionated and say what you thought was most productive about the session or not as productive.

Also, if you think there is a conference or session not mentioned below, please feel free to pitch me. Below are the conferences and sessions I am currently interested in.

Northwest Archivists (May 17-19): May 19, Session 6.3: "Enhancing Access: Examples from Two Repositories - Creating Accessible Content: Responding to an Office for Civil Rights Complaint" 

SAA (July 23-29): July 288:30-9:45 am: "Preserving the Spark: Challenges in Archiving Activist Movements"

Not attending a conference? I have some ideas for cultural heritage professionals you could interview about innovative initiatives. Email me if this interests you.