Upcoming Events by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (25-27 Feb, various cities)

50 Children: Rescuing the Collections

In 2013, HBO (in association with the Museum) released the documentary 50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus. It chronicles the efforts of Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus—two Americans who rescued 50 Jewish children from Vienna in the late spring of 1939. Since then, many of those children have donated their precious artifacts to the Museum.

In 2014, almost 900 people watched and celebrated the Emmy Award-nominated film at a memorable event in Chicago. Now filmmaker Steven Pressman is returning for a panel discussion about the many new Museum collections donated by individuals rescued by the Krauses as children. These survivors’ remarkable stories will help the Museum teach the lessons of the Holocaust for all time.

Attend this event in either Highland Park or Chicago, IL.

Race and Society in Nazi Germany and the US: From Swastika to Jim Crow

Join the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the National Museum of American Jewish History for a film screening that will explore the encounter between two groups targeted by oppression, brutality, and forced segregation who were brought together by World War II and racism in their societies.

Having escaped Nazi Germany in the 1930s, Jewish scholars arrived in the United States only to face antisemitism at major universities. Many secured jobs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the South where they formed a special bond with students and communities.

A panel discussion will follow the film screening. See the film in either Philadelphia or Baltimore

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