The Smithsonian of Dissent (Blue Mountain Center Commons)

When the latest barrage of bad news out of Washington batters your hope for the future, it’s time to plan a trip to  Interference Archive in Brooklyn.

This place is the Smithsonian of dissent, the Louvre of political organizing—a vast treasure of pamphlets, posters, banners, flyers, photos, buttons, film clips, newspapers, t-shirts, ‘zines, audio recordings and other artifacts from movements that changed the world.

You’ll find troves of boxes, files, stacks and shelves shining light on anti-nuclear activism, radical comics, Cuban political posters,  politically-charged musicians, ‘60s underground journalism, British May Day rallies and resistance to sexual violence.  While some causes found more success (LGBT, Feminism, ecology) than others (prison reform, nuclear disarmament) the collection as a whole will raise your spirits and fire your imagination about the prospects for creating a better world.

Read more here. Interference Archive is raising money for a big move. If you have some extra cash, please consider contributing.