New exhibition portrays plight of Rohingya people (Canadian Museum for Human Rights)

Time to Act: Rohingya Voices features images by internationally renowned photojournalist Kevin Frayer that compassionately portray the desperate and ongoing plight of a people struggling to survive violent persecution and dehumanization. Huge, projected black-and-white photographs are layered in the Museum’s Level 6 Expressions gallery, interspersed with animated design elements that suggest the displacement, movement and continual relocation of a stateless people.

“I had gone with the hope of making a contribution to telling the story, but you always feel like you never photograph enough. Or see enough. Or hear enough,” said Frayer, a former Winnipegger and Pulitzer Prize finalist, most recently for this body of work. “If the pictures – no matter how fleeting – can cause people to be moved to care in some way, then it is worth it.”

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