Nelson Mandela Foundation to acquire the Jakes Gerwel Archive

The Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Jakes Gerwel Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding whereby the Foundation’s Centre of Memory will become the custodian of the Jakes Gerwel Archive. Prof Gerwel had a long association with Nelson Mandela and the Foundation.

He served as Director-General in the office of President Nelson Mandela, and as Mandela's Cabinet Secretary. When Madiba retired in 1999 and established the Nelson Mandela Foundation as his post-presidential office, Prof Gerwel joined the Board of Trustees as the chair, a position which he held until his sad death on 28 November 2012. When the Mandela Rhodes Foundation was founded in 2003 Prof Gerwel was also tasked to lead that organisation's Board of Trustees.

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