Museum of Memory and Human Rights of Chile advises creation of a virtual museum for El Salvador (original article in Spanish)

The following is a translation of the first few paragraphs. View the entire article in Spanish here.

The Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs of El Salvador, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Museum of Memory and Human Rights of Chile, recently announced the creation of a virtual space of historical memory for The Savior. The project "Social Strengthening of a Memory Space for El Salvador" was presented by the Director of the Museum of the Memory of Chile, Francisco Estévez; the Minister of Culture of El Salvador, Silvia Elena Regalado; Deputy Minister for Salvadorans Abroad, Liduvina Magarín; and the UNDP representative, Rafael Pleitez.

This alliance seeks to support the gestation process of a virtual memory space for the Central American country through the strengthening of social and participative construction; the transfer of the experience of the Museum of the Memory of Chile as a conceptual and technical reference in the matter of reconstruction of historical memory; and the facilitation of the implementation, formulation, design, content definition and execution of a virtual platform.