Looking for writers or interviewees for a post about the 2014 torture report

Democracy Now! recently reported that there might be an effort to bury or even destroy full, non-censored, confidential copies of the notorious 2014 torture report. Some of you may remember that a shorter, redacted version was released to the public, but the longer original has never been released. 

I think this could be a great subject for a post on the Human Rights Archives Section blog. I'd like to see a post explore the retention schedule for a document like the torture report that goes through the House and/or Senate. The above segment says that a document like this going through Congress does not need to be retained. Is this true? What are the implications for a document like the torture report?

If you are not interested in writing a piece, I would also like to hear from archivists experienced in Congressional and/or Senate records for your take on the possible fate of this document. Any archivists with experience in records of torture or abuse in custody/incarceration more generally would also be welcome. Please email me at hilary.h.barlow@gmail.com if you are in any way interested in this project. I realize some people may want to say something, but not be in a position to do so at their job, and I respect that. You could point me in the right direction anonymously.