Liberate the Bar! Queer Nightlife, Activism, and Spacemaking (ONE Archives at the USC Libraries)

Set to open on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the exhibition examines the role of nightlife venues, parties, and other late-night establishments across the United States in serving as catalysts for LGBTQ protest and activism, while simultaneously facilitating the demand and need for liberated space. 
Organized thematically into four sections--Police Raids and Resistance, Contemporary Activism, Los Angeles Nightlife, and Contemporary Art Meditations--the exhibition seeks to spotlight and affirm the significant and underrecognized contributions of queer and gender-variant artists and activists to contemporary society. The exhibition's title, Liberate the Bar!, references protester shouts from the Stonewall Riots, while also gesturing towards the potential of nightlife to promote feelings of freedom, safety, and celebration. 
The exhibit is open now until October 20, 2019. Read more here.