Launch of ‘MANDELA, My Life: The Official Exhibition’ (Nelson Mandela Foundation)

The official exhibition, in Sandton City until July, begins with a series of large paintings by John Meyer, one of hills, presumably in the Eastern Cape, where three young boys are seen running through rays of sunshine and blades of tall grass. The entrance engulfs the viewer, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in what is about to be an excellently curated narrative of Nelson Mandela. The first gallery invites viewers to feel the power and emotion of one of the most dramatic and significant moments of Mandela’s life - the moment he puts Apartheid on trial, supported by the original recordingof Nelson Mandela’s Rivonia Trial speech in 1964 and illustrative depictions of the courtroom as Mandela deliver his speech.  

The second gallery explores Mandela’s family life and narrates his journey from childhood to elder through a spectacular seven-metre-long scenic projection wall of animations and landscapes. Elements of Mandela’s childhood are brought to life in an audio-visual piece that uses Mandela’s own words and images of his childhood homes in the Transkei.  

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