Growing Movement Pushes Museums to Cut Ties With Colonialism and Apartheid (Truthout)

Every Friday for the past nine weeks, artists and activists have been carrying on weekly rallies, assemblies and teach-ins in front of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. Building on several years of earlier organizing work calling out the ties of board members at the Whitney Museum and MoMA to carceral violence, war and climate crisis, the Strike MoMA initiative was sparked early this year by revelations about the close association between museum chairman and private equity magnate Leon Black and the late billionaire sexual abuser and rapist Jeffrey Epstein. Strike MoMA has grown into a challenge that extends beyond powerful individuals to the institution as a whole. The Strike MoMA campaign is a flashpoint in a broader national and international struggle to variously decolonize, reimage, and in some cases, even abolish institutions like the museum during a time of intensifying social and environmental crises.

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