First International Meeting of Museums of Memory and Human Rights (El Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, Chile)

This year will be the First International Meeting of Museums of Memory and Human Rights, which will take place in Santiago de Chile on November 12 and 13, organized in the context of our 10th Anniversary.

The meeting seeks to foster critical reflection and enhance the coordination of collaborative initiatives that highlight the role of these spaces with respect to the duty to remember that it is the responsibility of the states, and the right to memory that is characteristic of people, peoples and its territories in the world.

The activity includes the development of keynote talks, exhibition and dialogue tables, which encourage discussion around thematic themes that the Memory Museums are working or should work on at present. During this instance the socio-political and cultural role of museums will be addressed, as well as the work with the rights of communities today, in a process of exchange of methodologies, guidelines and experiences that promote positive transformation in the field of museums.

Among the topics that will be addressed in this First International Meeting, the diverse visions on the challenges of the Memory Museums will be included, as well as their relationship with the state, the links with the sites of conscience and civil society. It will also discuss denialist discourses, memory and reparation policies, social movements, feminism and memory, as well as policies of international economic cooperation in museums and other topics.

This First International Meeting of Museums of Memory and Human Rights will be based at the Museum and will be co-organized together with the International Council of Museums of Chile (ICOM) and the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.

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