Digital Verification Corps Student Summit: Evaluating the First Year of the University-Based Open Source Investigations for Human Rights (UC Berkeley School of Law)

This report presents major points of discussion and analysis from the first global student conference on open source human rights investigations, hosted by the University of California, Berkeley’s Human Rights Center and Amnesty International, 26-29 June 2017, at UC Berkeley. More than 50 people participated, including students from human rights centers at the University of Pretoria, University of Essex, University of Toronto, and UC Berkeley who are part of Amnesty International’s Digital Verifcation Corps. Also attending were experts in open source investigations, cybersecurity, international criminal law, and journalism.

The international summit marked the start of a new era in open source human rights investigations on college campuses, where students are trained to use digital techniques to nd and verify information related to potential human rights abuses and potential war crimes. At this seminal moment, students came together with global experts to take stock of the first year and lay groundwork for the future.

Read the report here.