An Open Letter from Archives for Black Lives in Philadelphia (A4BLiP) in Solidarity with Don’t Shoot Portland

A4BLiP stands in solidarity with Don’t Shoot and its disassociation from and opposition to Portland Wall of Moms (WOM). Don’t Shoot Portland has called out WOM, and specifically WOM leader Bev Barnum, for failing to protect vulnerable Black women protestors after marching, filing for 501c3 status without consulting newly installed Black leaders, and using the cover of Black leadership to further an agenda unrelated to Black Lives Matter.  

As a primarily white group, A4BLiP largely seeks to push white archivists to deconstruct white supremacy in their archives and within the profession. We hope that WOM will acknowledge that the actions of recent days are rooted in white supremacy. We also call on WOM to acknowledge the harm they have done and work to repair it. 

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