Preservation of Architectural Records

Architectural records include a variety of material and physical types that must be individually assessed in terms of preservation needs.

Material types of records commonly found in architectural records collections are:

  • Original drawings - working drawings, colored renderings, structural drawings, sketchbooks, trace papers, and tracing cloth, also known as linens
  • Reproductions - blueprints, sepias, white lines, photographic, hectographic, photomechanical, plotter prints
  • Documentation - specifications, planning documents, office records, photographs, films, videos, oral histories, computer records
  • Three-dimensional objects - architectural models, plaster maquettes, awards, original office furniture, product samples

Physical types of materials degrade at different rates and through different processes based on chemical composition. Physical types typically represented in architectural records collections include:

  • Papers
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Photographic material
  • Adhesives
  • Art media
  • Magnetic and digital media

Factors to consider regarding preservation of architectural records include exposure to light, heat, and relative humidity, as well as the presence of biological agents, such as pests and mold. The goal is to maintain a stable environment suitable for the particular type of records in a collection.

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