CEPC Plan of Work 2013-2014

Committee on Ethics and Professional Conduct

Plan of Work 2013-2014


Nancy Freeman, CEPC Chair


Goal:  To publish on-line case studies based on Society of American Archivists 2012 Code of Ethics.


Objectives and Time-Frames: 


            -CEPC holds regular conference calls.  Time frame:  Monthly and/or as needed. 


-Chair contacts and begins working with Publications Board regarding case

  studies and receives input regarding case study template, as outline in Call for


  Time Frame:  December 2013 and January 2014.


-Committee reviews draft document of criteria for case study evaluation.   Time Frame: 

  Draft done by December 15, 2013.  Document discussed and finalized at January 8,

  2014 conference call. 


-Call for Case Study Proposals issued.  Time Frame: February 1, 2014.


-CEPC reviews proposals, chooses, and notifies participants regarding writing a full case

  study.  If needed, Committee also solicits other case study writers.  Time Frame:  April



-Initial ethics case studies published on-line, at least one in each section of the code. 

  Time Frame:  August or September 2014.  


Note:  Time-frames are tentative, subject to change as needed to accomplish the goal.