CEPC Agenda, 2012

Committee on Ethics and Professional Conduct

SAA Annual Meeting, San Diego

August 7, 2012, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

San Diego Hilton Bayfront, Aqua 307


1.       Welcome and Introductions

a.       Newly appointed committee members (appointments start 8/11/12)

                                                              i.      Tiffany Schureman

                                                            ii.      Sharon Silengo

                                                          iii.      Marc Brodsky

b.      Thanks to outgoing members

                                                              i.      Elena Danielson

                                                            ii.      Roger Meyers

c.       CEPC Chair

                                                              i.      Phil Eppard is the incoming chair


2.      Approval of 2011 Minutes (attached)

3.   Report from SAA Council Liaison, Bill Landis

4.   Revision to Code of Ethics (approved January 2012)

            a. Linked with Core values as recommended

b. http://www2.archivists.org/statements/saa-core-values-statement-and-code-of-ethics


     5.   New Business:

a. Ethics Case Studies (see attached report to SAA Council, June 2012)

b. CEPC structure – need to review and modify to mirror other SAA committees?

6.  Other business?

7. Adjournment