CEPC 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

Committee for Ethics and Professional Conduct – 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

Attending: Nancy Freeman, Bill Landis, Cybil Powers, Tiffany Schureman, Robert Riter, Marc Brodsky, Pam Hackbart-Dean and Courtney Rookard(Guest)

 Meeting was called to order at approximately 1:05pm on August 12, 2014

Welcome and Introductions 

Everyone introduced themselves. Some people arrived later and introduced themselves then.  Nancy welcomed our guest Courtney. 

Committee updates - Nancy Freeman

Nancy thanked Paul Lasewicz for his service on the committee as he is rotating off.  Nancy also thanked Bill Landis for being our Council Liaison for the past three years.  

Nancy introduced our new committee member, Cybil Powers.  Cybil works at Ralph Lauren Corporation. 

Nancy introduced Pam Hackbart-Dean, our new council liaison.

Robert Riter will be the Senior Chair next year. 

Council News – Bill Landis

Council approved the new Best Practices for Voluteers in Archives document and adopted the HIPPA brief.

 He noted that there is now a records and retention schedule for SAA, which there wasn’t one before despite there being an archives. SAA will now being using Archive-It to archive the SAA website.  As a result, we need to post everything on our microsite so it will be crawled and saved.  Rene Craig is the records coordinator. 

Call for Case Studies Update – Nancy Freeman

The call went out on July 23.  On July 25, Nancy received an email from a professor stating how great this was and she was going to share this with her class.  By today we have received 5 inquiries and one case study submitted.  Nancy told the inquiries to attend the forum.  When she gets inquiries she copies Robert Riter, Teresa Brinati and Chris Prom. We may still need to seek out case studies if we do not receive enough.  Suggestions were Elena Danielson and Mark Greene. Sharon Silengo has been marketing the call for us. 

Nancy asked for two volunteers to be reviewers for six months.  Cybil Powers and Tiffany Schureman volunteered.  We have a five-week turnaround time.  Three weeks to get it returned to Nancy and she has two weeks to get it to Chris Prom.  We briefly talked about our roles as reviewers. We also discussed how we handle submissions.  Robert Riter has created a spreadsheet that he will share with the committee.

Nancy encouraged us all to write a case study.

Forum, Thursday, August 14

Reviewed what we were going to cover.  Teresa Brinati made us handouts.  Tiffany will give a brief review of the history of the code. 

Session Proposals

Nancy suggested we do a session in 2016 about the case studies. 

We discussed 2015.  There will be no endorsements for 2015.  Tiffany suggested we do a panel discussion of 2 or 3 case studies.  Bill also mentioned the new format of Pop-ups for 2015 and that we wouldn’t have to propose a session in October and could wait until more has happened with the case studies.  Someone also suggested with have a session with educators about ethics.  Also a suggestion was made about a copyright session given the University of Arkansas problem this year.  Marc is going to take the lead on developing a session.

 Previous Codes on website

We would like to have the previous Codes of Ethics on the CEPC website.  Tiffany will locate them and get them uploaded to our website. 

Other Business

The first three chapters of the Benedict book are an introduction to ethics.  Do we want to have something similar for the new cases studies?  We agreed we should and Robert agreed to work on this. 

Meeting adjourned approximately 3:15pm