Archivesspace Repository Profile: University of Rochester Libraries

Question responses were provided via the Repository Profile Form by Miranda Mims, Director at Department of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation University of Rochester Libraries on May 2, 2022.


Tool and version, if applicable


Type of archives or special collection library?


When and why did you adopt this tool? What system did it replace (if any)?

2016, it replaced Archivists' Toolkit

Briefly explain how this tool functions at your institution (e.g. do you only use it for accessioning, or does it fill all the functions from accessioning to public access?)

Both accessioning and public access

What pre-installation/migration preparations were taken to facilitate implementation of this tool?

All of our finding aids had to be reformatted ead/xml

What degree of IT support was needed to implement and migrate into this tool?


Is your collection management tool hosted on-site and in-house or off-site by a vendor?

Off-site by a vendor.

Is your institution integrating this tool with other automated request, preservation, or digital asset management systems?

Yes, our DAM

In what ways has using this tool been an improvement over your previous tool or finding aid access strategy?

It has significantly increased transparency and productivity. It also helps us standardize all our processes.

What is your most favorite feature of this tool?

 It is fairly easy to teach to students