2018 AHS Annual Meeting Readers’ Guide On Archival History and Historiography

These suggested readings are intended to complement and enhance the Archival History Section panel presentation, “A Guide to Navigation in Perilous Times: Journeys through Archival History and Historiography” by Dr. Alex H. Poole and Dr. Ciaran B. Trace.  Drs. Poole and Trace will draw from their recently published scholarship to introduce and discuss the nature and relevance of archival history and historiography at the AHS meeting Thursday August 16, 4:15 – 5:30 pm


1.      Articles referenced in the talks

  • Alex H. Poole, “’Be Damned Pushy at Times’: The Committee on the Status for Women and Feminism in the Archival Profession, 1972-1998,” The American Archivist, forthcoming.
  • Alex H. Poole, “Harold T. Pinkett and the Lonely Crusade of African American Archivists in the Twentieth Century,” The American Archivist 80, no. 2 (Fall/winter 2017): 296-335.
  • Alex H. Poole, “The Strange Career of Jim Crow Archives: Race, Space, and History in the Mid-Twentieth-Century American South,” The American Archivist 77, no. 1 (Spring/summer 2014): 23-63.
  • Ciaran B. Trace, “Sweeping out the Capitol: The State Archives and the Politics of Administration in Georgia, 1921-1923,” The American Archivist 80 (2) (Fall/Winter 2017): 373-406.
  • Ciaran B. Trace, “Atlanta between the Wars: The Creation of the Georgia Department of Archives and History, 1918-1936,” Information & Culture: A Journal of History 50 (4) (2015): 504-553.
  • Ciaran B. Trace, “Information in Everyday Life: Boys’ and Girls’ Agricultural Clubs as Sponsors of Literacy, 1900-1920,” Information and Culture: A Journal of History 49 (3) (2014): 265-293.

2.      The history of archival history

  • Richard J. Cox, “American Archival History: Its Development, Needs, and Opportunities,” The American Archivist 46 (Winter 1983), 31-41.
  • Richard J. Cox, “On the Value of Archival History in the United States,” Libraries & Culture 23 (Spring 1988): 135-151.
  • Barbara L. Craig, "Outward Visions, Inward Glances: Archives History and Professional Identity," Archival Issues 17 (1992): 113-124.
  • James O’Toole, “The Future of Archival History,” Provenance 13 (1) (1995): 1-24.
  • Richard J. Cox, "The failure or future of American Archival History: A Somewhat Unorthodox View," Libraries & Culture (2000): 141-154.
  • Anne Gilliland and Sue McKemmish, “Building an Infrastructure for Archival Research,” Archival Science 4 (3-4) (2004): 149-197. 

For more sources on archival history, see AHS’s Bibliography of Archival History.