2014 Annual Meeting Agenda

Archival History Roundtable Meeting

13 August 2014


1. Welcome and introduction of attendees

2. Roundtable Business

  • 2014 election results
  • Report on session endorsements for the 2014 Joint Annual Meeting
  • 2015 Program Committee report - Carl Van Ness
  • News from SAA Council - Helen Wong Smith
  • Preliminary report on member/participant survey results

3. News from roundtable members

Attendees will have the opportunity to share information about archival history publications and projects

4. Discussion session moderated by D. Claudia Thompson and David Gracy

Thompson and Gracy will lead an audience participation session asking attendees to reflect upon the history of their repositories and to share thoughts about leadership factors, challenging and beneficial incidents or periods in its history, and stages in the development of the repository.

5. Brainstorming for 2015 session proposals 

6. Adjournment


Questions for Discussion Session

Looking over the history of an archival repository, what stages do you identify in its development? Possible areas of focus might be:

  • Access policies
  • Management hierarchies
  • Staffing
  • Financial crises
  • Political shifts
  • Other

Relate an incident in which the leadership of a repository was particularly effective in either saving or moving forward the repository.

Describe a difficult or challenging incident in the history of a repository, how (or if) the repository got through the incident, and what lasting effect, if any, the incident had on the repository.

What was the most productive period in the history of your repository and why?

What was the darkest period in the history of your repository and why?