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Archival Education: Mission and Goals
Administration, Faculty and Infrastructure


These guidelines define the minimum requirements for a graduate program in archival studies that is coherent, independent, and based on core archival knowledge. Within this outline higher education institutions may create a wide variety of programs offering master's degrees. This range of options provides students with choices of direction and emphasis, and ultimately enriches the profession by embracing diversity within a common core of archival education. Graduates of such programs can anticipate rewarding careers in a variety of professional positions, from textual archives to electronic records systems, in institutions ranging from governmental or institutional archives to local historical societies and high technology enterprises. Archivists are increasingly in demand for modern information service positions, and the value of archival knowledge continues to gain recognition in an ever-broader range of organizational settings. These guidelines are intended both to define the academic preparation needed to meet these new challenges and to provide a strong common basis for the diverse institutions which provide graduate archival education.