Adriana P. Cuervo, Candidate for Nominating Committee

Professional Experience: Assistant Archivist for Music and Fine Arts, Sousa Archives and Center for American Music, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2005–present.

Education: BA, Music History, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia, 2002. MS, Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2005.

Professional Activities: Society of American Archivists: Steering Committee, Acquisitions and Appraisal Section, 2010–present. Chair, Membership Committee, 2010-present. Vice-Chair, Membership Committee, 2009–2010. Career Development Officer, Membership Committee, 2007–2009. Co-chair, Performing Arts Roundtable, 2006–2008. Program Committee, Annual Meeting, 2007. Mentoring Coordinator, Membership Committee, 2006–2007. Membership Committee, Intern, 2005–2006. Midwest Archives Conference: Public Information Officer, 2010–present. Program Committee Co-chair, Annual Meeting, 2009. Program Committee, Annual Meeting, 2008. Program Committee, Annual Meeting, 2005. Other Activities: Archives Leadership Institute, 2009. Academy of Certified Archivists, 2008–present.

Publications: “Ephemeral Music: Electroacoustic Music Collections in the United States,” 2009. Review of Hall, Patricia and Friedeman Sallis, eds., "A Handbook to Twentieth-Century Musical Sketches New York," American Archivist, 2008. “Volunteer Management Resources on the Web,” Midwest Archives Conference Newsletter, 2007. “Dueling Transistors: Preserving the Sal-Mar Construction and the Legacy of Electronic Music in the Americas,” Journal of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives, 2007.

Conference Presentations: “More than Just “Sheet Music”: Identifying and Describing Music Materials in Archives and Special Collections,” MAC Annual Meeting, 2010. “Retos de una Era Electrónica: Preservación y Acceso al Patrimonio Musical Contemporáneo” Coloquio El Sentido de la Documentación en las Artes, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, Bogotá, Colombia, 2010. “Playing it by Ear: Appraisal Considerations for Acquiring Music Collections,” SAA Annual Meeting, Acquisitions and Appraisal Section Meeting, 2010. “Creative Strategies for the Collection and Preservation Born-Digital Music,” SAA Annual Meeting, 2009. “The Future of the Present: Preserving Avant-Garde Art (Panel Discussion),” Society SAA Annual Meeting, 2008. “Ephemeral Music: Electronic Music Collections in the U.S., Platform Presentation, SAA 2008 Research Forum, 2008. “EAD Software: Collection Management and Access Tools,” Midwest Chapter of the Music Library Association Annual Meeting, 2007. "Ephemeral Music: A Survey of Electronic Music Collections in the U.S.,” SAA Annual Meeting, Research Forum Poster Session, 2007. “Dueling Transistors: Preserving the Sal-Mar Construction and the Legacy of Electronic Music in the Americas,” International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives Annual Meeting, 2006. “Dueling Transistors: Preserving the Sal-Mar Construction and the Legacy of Electronic Music at the University of Illinois,” in collaboration with Scott Schwartz, Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries Spring Conference, 2006.

Question posed by the Nominating Committee: As SAA celebrates its 75th Anniversary, what does it mean to be a SAA leader in the 21st century?

The Nominating Committee is charged with the unique task of identifying those members who would best represent the interests and steer the future of the Society’s membership. We are going through pressing times, and the next generation of leaders must be willing to take risks and challenge decades-long assumptions regarding the role that archives play in Society. In order to maintain and even increase support for the archival mission from policy-makers, funding entities, and the general public, the next generation of leaders must be compassionate, equanimous, and assertive professionals who are prepared to advocate for the important role that archives play in all aspects of American life.

The next generation of SAA leaders must recognize and be able to further develop SAA’s strategic initiatives most importantly, our commitment to developing a diverse workforce, strengthening our advocacy/public awareness initiatives, and adapting our professional knowledge and practice to meet the needs imposed by technological innovation. The slate of nominees for the offices of Vice President, Treasurer, Council, and Nominating Committee should reflect the diverse talents of the Society’s membership and as such, this next slate of candidates should be put forward in consultation with the membership, as stipulated in the bylaws, via a highly consultative and collaborative process. I am confident that, if elected to serve in the Nominating Committee, we will find outstanding individuals that will make these initiatives a reality.