Are You Up for the Challenge?

This year we’ve pivoted to working from home, documenting a pandemic, diversifying our collection content and our profession, holding virtual conferences, and navigating a serious economic downturn.

Through it all, more than 1,000 archivists have supported the work of the SAA Foundation—work that includes funding research and project grants, diversifying the profession through the Mosaic Scholarship program, providing travel grants for attendance at the SAA Annual Meeting and, of course, supporting colleagues experiencing acute financial hardship via the Archival Workers Emergency Fund.

As just one example: In the past year the Foundation has awarded five additional Strategic Growth grants, bringing our total to $84,255 in awards for 21 grants since the program was established in FY 2015. Tempestt Hazel of Sixty Inches from Center had this to say about the difference a Foundation grant made for her organization:

All of us at Sixty Inches From Center are incredibly grateful for the grant we received from the SAA Foundation because it has helped us ground and evolve our work with archives and has opened up countless new paths for connecting our cultural communities directly with the archives community. I can't speak about the funding support without also acknowledging how the grant combined with the other forms of support and recognition we've recently received from the SAA has and will help shape the future of Sixty's work with archives through the relationships it has and continues to unlock. We are humbled by the way we have been received by the archivist community because of SAAF and SAA—and we look forward to the opportunities that these new relationships will bring.

Through your past generosity to the SAA Foundation’s Strategic Growth Fund and other initiatives, you’ve helped the profession meet a host of challenges. In this season of giving, we’re asking you to recommit to supporting our work together. Review the Foundation’s funds here.

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A message from SAA Foundation Board member Angelique Richardson about the importance of the Foundation’s work on behalf of the archives profession.

Are you up to the challenge of supporting the profession and archivists in 2021?  As we look to a future committed to a strong, active, and agile profession, we also look to you for support at any amount that is comfortable for you. Thank you!

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P.S. Donations to the SAA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible. Did you know that you can deduct up to $300 for charitable contributions in 2020, even if you don’t itemize on your income tax return? Read more from the New York Times here.