In honor of Electronic Records Day on October 10, SAA is offering 20% off three essential books on digital records:

  • Archival Arrangement and Description includes Module 1: Standards for Archival Description by Sibyl Schaefer and Janet M. Bunde,  Module 2: Processing Digital Records and Manuscripts by J. Gordon Daines III, and  Module 3: Designing Descriptive and Access Systems by Daniel A. Santamaria.
  • Digital Preservation Essentials includes Module 12: Preserving Digital Objects and Module 13: Digital Preservation Storage by Erin O'Meara and Kate Stratton. 
  • Appraisal and Acquisition Strategies includes Module 14: Appraising Digital Records by Geof Huth, Module 15: Collecting Digital Manuscripts and Archives by Megan Barnard and Gabriela Redwine, and Module 16: Accessioning Digital Archives by Erin Faulder.

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