Diversity and Inclusion Toolkits

The nature of archivists' work requires us to act in many roles, to care for diverse materials, and to interact with users from a wide array of backgrounds who may have complex and very specific needs. Whether it takes the form of requests from our administration, the requirements of donors, support needed for staff, or the questions we are asked when working at a public service point, archivists often are confronted with issues that may seem beyond the scope of our daily duties.

Archivists are affected by changes in our world because we both document the world around us and serve the people who live in it. Therefore, archivists have the responsibility to develop skills in response to societal change and with an understanding of the impact of our work on the communities we serve. The individual needs of our users and our colleagues require archivists to demonstrate empathy and understanding, as well as openness to different perspectives.

The toolkits presented on this page speak to these responsibilities. They are not meant to be exhaustive, but to provide a starting point to learn more about the issues that have an impact on archival work. We encourage your feedback and suggestions. If there is a topic or a resource that you wish to see on this page, please contact Courtney Chartier, chair of the Council Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, at Courtney.chartier@gmail.com. You can also leave questions or comments on each page by logging in with your SAA username and password.


For more information on SAA’s overall Diversity and Inclusion efforts, please see the Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Webpage.