RSS Feeds

SAA's website features multiple RSS feeds that you may use to stay abreast of news from across the Society. Subscribe to one or more feeds according to your preferences.

  • The general Society of American Archivists RSS Feed includes content published by SAA headquarters to the home page.
  • Every SAA component group (e.g., boards, committees, sections, roundtables, etc.) has a microsite that features a News & Announcements feed containing content published by the group's leaders. Browse the list of component groups to find their microsites.
  • The SAA Global News Feed contains content published by SAA headquarters and all component groups. [Recommended]

SAA List Server RSS Feeds

SAA's list server also features an RSS feed for each discussion forum, including the Archives & Archivists List.


In the Loop Archive

Recent issues of SAA's biweekly newsletter, In the Loop.