One Book, One Profession 2016

What if archivists were all reading the same book at the same time?

You may have heard of—or even participated in—the popular program, “One Book, One City.” Well, now the Society of American Archivists is offering “One Book, One Profession.” Join your colleagues in reading, talking about, and building on ideas from one of the newest books in the SAA series Trends in Archives Practice:

Teaching with Primary Sources is edited by Christopher J. Prom and Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe and consists of three modules: 

  • Module 9: Contextualizing Archival Literacy 
    by Elizabeth Yakel and Doris Malkmus 
  • Module 10: Teaching with ArchivesA Guide for Archivists, Librarians, and Educators
    by Sammie L. Morris, Tamar Chute, and Ellen Swain 
  • Module 11: Connecting Students and Primary Sources—Cases and Examples
    by Tamar Chute, Ellen Swain, and Sammie L. Morris

As libraries and archives increasingly provide services in addition to collecting and curating collections, the importance of instructional services also grows, as Hinchliffe notes in the book’s introduction. No longer is the tour group or visiting class an occasional occurrence. Nor is it reasonable to assume that users come to their information tasks already skilled and ready to use the materials in our collections. Instead, archives, libraries, and other cultural heritage organizations have the enviable challenge of finding resources to meet the growing demand for teaching and learning programs.

Modules 9, 10, and 11 present a wealth of resources to meet the teaching and learning needs of our communities. With creativity, variety, and pragmatism, the authors guide readers in understanding what instructors want their students to learn and how to support students in that learning. By sharing their successes—and their struggles—the authors address gaps in the archival literature and the information literacy literature and strengthened these intersecting domains of practice.

Let’s read Teaching with Primary Sources—together! 

Group Discount on Book Purchase: Host a book discussion within your institution, among archivists in your community, or at a regional meeting—group orders of 5 or more books receive a 20% discount

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