Trends in Archives Practice Series

NEW ARRIVAL: Archival Arrangement and Description

The first installment in SAA’s new modular series, TRENDS IN ARCHIVES PRACTICE, is Archival Arrangement and Description, edited with an introduction by Christopher J. Prom and Thomas J. Frusciano. It explores the necessity to understand and use a range of descriptive standards to facilitate intellectual control and to improve access; the development of techniques to process born-digital or electronic records; and the methods used to make descriptive information about archives, and archival materials themselves, accessible via the Internet. Three modules are featured:

  • Module 1: Standards for Archival Description by Sibyl Schaefer and Janet M. Bunde. Untangles the history of standards development and provides an overview of descriptive standards that an archives might wish to use.
  • Module 2: Processing Digital Records and Manuscripts by J. Gordon Daines III. Builds on familiar terminology and models to show how any repository can take practical steps to process born-digital materials and to make them accessible to users.
  • Module 3: Designing Descriptive and Access Systems by Daniel A. Santamaria. Implementation advice regarding the wide range of tools and software that support specific needs in arranging, describing, and providing access to analog and digital archival materials.

Also included is a superb introduction. Archival Arrangement and Description is designed to complement Kathleen Roe's Arranging and Describing Archives and Manuscripts. Buy them separately, or together.

Here's how you can order:

  1. The print edition of Archival Arrangement and Description (product code BOOKSAA-0584) is available through the SAA Bookstore for $24.99 for SAA members (List $34.99). 6x10 / 230 pp./ Soft cover. Click here to order your print copy.
  2. TWO-FER Special: Get Archival Arrangement and Description PLUS Arranging and Describing Archives and Manuscripts (product code BOOKSAA-0585) in print for $49.99 for SAA members)—a 15% savings! (List $69.99) Click here to order your print copies.
  3. The PDF edition of Archival Arrangement and Description (product code PDF-1004) is also available for $24.99 for SAA members (List $34.99). SAA members must enter the promo code "SAAM" at checkout to receive the member discount. Click here to order your copy of the PDF. 

COMING SOON: The EPUB edition of Archival Arrangement and Description.

About TRENDS IN ARCHIVES PRACTICE:  This open-ended series of modules by the Society of American Archivists features brief, authoritative treatments—written and edited by top-level professionals—that fill significant gaps in archival literature. The goal of this modular approach is to build agile, user-centered resources. Each module will treat a discrete topic relating to the practical management of archives and manuscript collections in the digital age. Many modules are planned, and readers will be invited to mix, match, and combine modules that best satisfy their needs and interests.

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