Views: the Official Newsletter of the VMS

The official Newsletter of VMS is "Views" and can be found here:

Past Issues can be found here: and PDFs are attached below.

Views_Index.pdf1.38 MB
1980s views.pdf3.17 MB
1990s views_compressed.pdf8.55 MB
2000s views_.pdf7.81 MB
2010 Views.pdf7.76 MB
2011-12 Views.pdf7.48 MB
2013 Views.pdf3.9 MB
2014 Views.pdf8.32 MB
2015 Views.pdf2.63 MB
2016 Views.pdf2.84 MB
2017 Views.pdf6.71 MB
2018 Views.pdf5.67 MB
2019 Views.pdf4.16 MB