SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2022/11/17

SNAP Steering Committee 2022-2023

Meeting #3: Thursday, Nov 17, 2022

Time: 8 AM PT / 10 AM CT/ 11 AM ET

Attendance via Zoom: Marissa Friedman (chair); Bailey Adolph (vice-chair);Michal Novak (SC); Laura Jones (student chapter coordinator); Amber Bales (secretary);  Leah Tams (Ex-Officio); Alexis Bracey (Ex-officio)


  1. Chair Announcements + Upcoming Administration

    1. Writing/Publishing opportunities webinar with Archives and Archivists of Color Section scheduled for January 20th, any interest in hosting and/or helping to facilitate from SNAP steering committee?

      1. Amber Bales to confirm in December on cohosting responsibilities

  2. Vice-Chair Announcements + Upcoming Administration

    1. Liaison to Membership Committee - updates - 

      1. Meeting is November 18th- expect updates next month- should be mostly focused on goals

  3. Blog Team

    1. On the search for guest writers

  4. Social Media

    1. Nicole reposted the survey to Connect, Twitter, and Facebook.

      1. Link issue resolved- potentially new submissions

    2. Reports of the survey link sent via Connect not working – Not sure what happened, but Nicole updated the link in the original post. It appears to be working now. If there are any issues with the survey link in the future let Nicole know

    3. Nicole received editing privileges for the microsite from Felicia and will be updating it after this meeting in new role of Web Liaison

    4. Initial survey results and thoughts

      1. 21 responses in so far

      2. Feedback

        1. Ageism in SNAP - programming aimed for young archivist - might be good to host a session on 2nd & 3rd career shift to archives

          1. Reach out to any known contacts- Leah and Michelle to potentially find speakers

        2. Discord  popular based on current responses

        3. Program Suggestions forthcoming from Nicole - collaborate with Independent Archivists

      3. YouTube Channel

        1. Dropbox is inaccessible currently

        2. Channel is not up to date with last years content

        3. Goal- add LY and TY content

  5. Student Chapter Coordinators

    1. Initial email sent out to student chapters and faculty contacts to confirm status of chapter and contact info as part of student chapters contact list clean-up project

    2. Survey will be sent out to individual student chapters soon - goal - End of November

    3. SNAP Guide to Student Chapters

      1. Interest from specific student chapters to better connect

  6. Programming

    1. Need volunteer who is interested in helping AAC facilitate/host January webinar - contact Marissa and LaShaunda for more info

    2. SAA Membership 101 Webinar [Michelle, needs to be scheduled]

      1. Still in the works

    3. Copyright Webinar [Michelle, outreach started] Work-in with a blog post, SNAP 101

    4. Nicole to reach out to Independent Archivists section to see if there is interest in partnering on programming or other content

    5. Nicole offered idea for program involving archivists coming in and discussing archives as a second (or maybe even third) career path

  7. Additional Updates (Open to All)

    1. Volunteers: Webinar series - volunteers to take on the planning of the next one? Ideas?

    2. Programming Topic Idea Worksheetfeel free to add to this or pick up a topic idea and start running with it—contact LaShaunda, Marissa, or Michelle to discuss how to start or if you would like a suggestion to start with

  8. Confirmation of the next Meeting Date

    1. Move it to the Thursday the 15th - Same time slot

  9. Discussion

    1. How many people are in SNAP?

      1. Determined bases on how many on our list

      2. Marissa might be able to get this information from Felicia

        1. This info will help us understand the reach of our survey

      3. LY webinars- 100+ attendance to this is a basic gauge

      4. Rutgers Events- 60+ sign up and about 30 people showed- higher than average turn out.

      5. Note- on Myconnect - 707 members - suggested goal of 20% returns- 140 participants 

        1. 50 might be more realistic though when compared to attendance rates

        2. Survey will stay open with continue promotion

    2. Data surrounding internship in regards to paid / non-paid-  might be an interesting survey topic to partner with the Archival Workers Collective (AWC)
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