Section and Roundtable Liaisons to the Standards Committee

Acquisitions & Appraisal Section Jaimie Quaglino 2013-2016
College & University Archives Section Kat Stefko 2013-2016
Description Section Dale Sauter 2011-2014
Electronic Records Section Daniel Noonan 2011-2014
Manuscripts Repositories Section Florence M. Turcotte 2013-2016
Museum Archives Section Rachel Chatalbash 2013-2015
Oral History Section Doug Boyd 2011-2014
Preservation Section Tonia Sutherland 2011-2014
Reference, Access & Outreach Section James Edward Cross 2011-2014
Architectural Records Roundtable Linda Sellars 2012-2014
Archivists & Archives of Color Roundtable Jillian Cuellar 2011-2014
Congressional Papers Roundtable Marc Levitt 2013-2016
Issues & Advocacy Roundtable Heather Oswald 2013-2016
Lesbian & Gay Archives Roundtable Marika Cifor 2012-2014
Lone Arrangers Roundtable Melinda Isler 2013-2016
Metadata & Digital Object Roundtable Cristela Garcia-Spitz 2011-2014
Performing Arts Roundtable Amanda Stow 2013-2016
Privacy & Confidentiality Roundtable Ryan Speer 2013-2016
Recorded Sound Roundtable Todd Harvey 2011-2014
Science Technology & Healthcare Roundtable Paige Smith 2011-2014
Students & New Archives Professionals Roundtable Caitlin Wells 2013-2016
Visual Materials Cataloging & Access Roundtable Cathy Martyniak 2013-2016
Women's Collections Roundtable Kate Colligan 2013-2016
Diversity Committee Deborah Torres 2011-2014
Publication Committee Christopher J. Prom 2013-2016
Working Group on Intellectual Property Jean Dryden 2013-2016