Public Awareness Subcommittee

The mission of the Public Awareness Subcommittee of the Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC) is to develop programs and conduct activities that enable regional archival organizations to promote themselves. The subcommittee will assist Regional Archival Associations Consortium members in promoting their regionals at the local, state and national levels and will support the development and/or coordination of promotional and outreach programs and tools for regionals. The Public Awareness subcommittee will work closely with the Advocacy subcommittee to avoid duplication of effort where our stated goals overlap. 

Chair: Mary Rubin, Society of Florida Archivists

Subcommittee members:

  • Mary Rubin, Society of Florida Archivists
  • Haley Aaron, Society of Alabama Archivists
  • Mary Jo Fairchild, Charleston Archives, Libraries and Museum Council
  • Dennis Preisler, Arizona Archives Alliance
  • Kathleen I. Smith, Society of Tennessee Archivists
  • Kelsey Duinkerken, Delaware Valley Archivists Group
  • Teresa Mora, Society of California Archivists