Annual Meeting Agenda, 2013

Recorded Sound Roundtable 2013 Meeting
Wednesday, August 14, 3:00-5:00 pm
Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Grand Salon 13/16


  1. Welcome
  2. Results of online elections for RSRT leadership
  3. Volunteers for RSRT positions
  4. Presentation: Lisa Hooper, Tulane University

    Challenging the narrative and creating new opportunities for community involvement with off-the-grid recordings

    Off-the-grid recordings, or recordings of local musical styles that haven’t been popularized by local media and often can’t be found in the local record shops, can be a powerful tool in the archives. These “super local” recordings disrupt the traditional cultural-historical record often preserved (unwittingly?) in archives and promulgated in academia and pop culture. Their absence from the record shops, however, present new challenges for collection methods. Despite the difficulties they present, these recordings offer new opportunities of community outreach and involvement through collaborative collection development and access initiatives.

  5. Discussion of RSRT Resources page
  6. Round robin – what are you working on?
  7. General discussion, focusing on the Library of Congress Recorded Sound Preservation Plan

    The plan was announced by Library of Congress and is linked from the press release found here.

  8. Report from Council Liaison, Michelle Light