Steering Committee Meeting, June 16, 2023

Agenda, Meeting 

June 16, 2023


In attendance: Colin Post, Susan Tucker, Dane Flansburg, Katja Hering, Bernadette Floresca


1. Brief report on meeting with Krystal Appiah, our Council Liaison. We discussed where the Archival History Section falls – in the in-between category in which we have some active members but most inactive. In the year going forward we will have to consider what sorts of activities would be limited by being a discussion group and if more members could step forward to become involved should we wish to continue. Our initial reactions is that we hope to keep the section intact, but we are very open to reforms that make both the section and the work of SAA administration more sustainable. We anticipate using the year ahead to involve our members in the process. That was one of our successful goals for the year, to involve membership in the annual lecture and in the survey, so we are off to a start with that.  

2. Annual meeting Monday, We discussed part that will be played by Susan, Dane, Colin and Natalie, as well as the speaker, Katherine Ott from the Smithsonian. 

3. Colin suggested a book as an award and Susan is checking with SAA about that.