Steering Committee Meeting, April 13, 2023

In attendance: Colin Post, Katja Herring, Natalie Worsham, Susan Tucker


Old Business   

            -Susan will mail the minutes from March soon.

            -Susan reported on contacting the College and University Section on histories of special collections, etc. She will talk to their Steering Committee chair on April 25

            -Susan asked about the continuing work with Colin’s students, and Colin reported that it was going well. Colin showed how the students had re-sorted replies to better show membership, for example, in other groups. They will be writing their findings up for us. 



New Business

            Katja reminded all to fill out the health of sections survey from SAA, and Susan reminded all to vote for Council members. 

Natalie spoke of the suggestion of asking for co-editors from membership or a committee. We will post this announcement soon.  

-Susan confirmed that Katherine Ott, from the Smithsonian, will speak on the history of collecting around disabilities, and the interrelationship of archives and museums at our annual meeting June 19

            -We discussed briefly readings for the award and ratings’ form to be filled out. Next meeting, May 11, at 11 ET, we will discuss in more detail all the readings.